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A Night to Remember!

// written 19.5.19 //

It’s not often that you walk into a room full of relative strangers to have dinner, and leave feeling extremely overwhelmed and confident in the passion and drive of a group of youth to do and achieve amazing things in our local community and beyond. This was my exact feeling as I left Sonder Youth’s Changemaker Alumni night just over a week ago.

A group of young people from a range of high schools all united by their participation and completion of the Sonder Youth Changemaker programs gathered together on a Friday evening, to share their passions and projects and offer advice and feedback to one another. It was amazing to be apart of a group that so respectfully and willingly offered advice and constructive criticism towards the projects of others. The atmosphere was one of collaboration and I felt beyond lucky to receive so many gems of information and feedback from each person in the room towards my own project.

Often these days, we are all too often made aware only of the negative contributions of youth to the local community. But this group of young people are a testament to the hope and confidence we should have in the upcoming generations to positively contribute to their local communities and beyond, and I felt beyond proud to be considered a member of this youth community. From projects that focus on fostering and encouraging positive mental and physical health in HSC students, to encouraging a mindset that challenges people to view others as more than just the numbers that define them, their group projects give you an excellent sense of the thoughtful and inspiring young people gathered in that room.

I want to thank the young leaders and alumni of the Changemaker program for such a wonderful night, for sharing their infinite wisdom and support, and being so open to engage with both good friends and strangers alike and I can’t wait until we all get to do it again!

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