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Some Small Adjustment

I was given a desk for Christmas. It was given to me by my two remarkable parents as a gesture of support and encouragement for Sonder. I was very grateful for the sentiment, but I will admit I found the desk itself to look somewhat uninspiring. In a feeble defence to my materialistic assessment of the desk, I must highlight that in these young days of what is a quintessentially ambitious project, I find I need all the personal inspiration I can find.

The desk was promptly set up in my work room. I didn't touch it for some time - my work allows me to work wherever my laptop is so I am fortunate to not be tied to a single space. Eventually, however, when passing the stationed desk, I found that it had been reinvented. It had been given a bright, table-top cover, a wick candle, some tissues and an oil burner. It looked, to me, a different place. More than ever I felt compelled to work there - inspired.

And so here I am now, in this new space ready for hard work. Ready for a new phase of Sonder Youth. One that takes us beyond the building-block days behind closed doors and out into the real world. Just before school broke up for the year I booked our first school program for 2018. I am now working the finer details of the school-based Changemaking Sequence. Its purpose is to teach young people to understand difference, and guide them toward empathy beyond mere acceptance but toward valuing difference. We will be talking about change. Change in the lives of young individuals and change in the world. Most importantly, we will be talking about how the two are inextricably linked. I will have the great privilege of showcasing some of the many hundreds of great changemaking and 'good-creating' opportunities at our fingertips today.

Now I sit at this brand new desk, full of gratitude and anticipation. It is remarkable how some small adjustments to an uninspiring desk can lead to a soaring, brighter vision for the new year. One which has culminated here in the first ever Sonder Youth blog post.

If Sonder Youth can make some small adjustments to the perspective of even one young person this year, then the world might soar higher and be that little bit brighter this year too.

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