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We train young people to create positive change for themselves

by changing the world around them in a positive way. 

We know that the problems the world faces today need an all-hands-on-deck approach to solve them. 

We also know that young people face a unique set of social, cultural and economic barriers that challenge our overall wellbeing. 

That's why we tackle both. 

Our focus is




Our 4 programs focus on themes of:

Positive Mental Wellbeing



Social Change


We provide young people with the tools and confidence to create meaningful change in their own lives and to the social and environmental issues which matter to them. 


Think Tank 

Our content is co-designed by our 

Think Tank: a team of local psychologists, teachers, youth leaders and changemakers.

This team ensure our programs use the most well-researched, preventative mental health practices and experiential learning strategies. And they keep our programs as accessible as possible to young people.

Empowering young people as changemakers

Connecting a community of changemakers 

Collaborating to improve youth mental health 

Young people empowering young people 

Our vision is a generation of  Changemakers and Earth-shakers who take action every day to create a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world.   

Join us now and apply to travel on our Global Experience Program!

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Our aim is to have our programs accessible to young people all over Australia. 

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